Well-known Corinna Man Receives A Special Gift 

Earlier this week, we told you the story of a Corinna man with Cerebral Palsy who had his bike stolen.Ebbie Rockwell has touched the lives of many people in town, and not surprisingly, this story touched our viewers as well.Today, Ebbie received a special gift.”That just shows us how good he is and caring and sharing. He’s just so wonderful he really is.”Everett Rockwell, known as “Ebbie” to his friends, has Cerebral Palsy and can’t speak or hear.Ebbie likes to ride his bike into town every day. One of his favorite stops is the AE Robinson Mobil in Corinna.Last Sunday, he made that stop as usual but when he went to leave, his bike was gone.Friday, Ebbie’s luck changed, thanks in part to the Commander of the American Legion Post in Camden. Giving him his bike”I always watch Channel Five News and when I saw this, I was so touched we had to do something.”As soon as news spread that Ebbie’s bike had been stolen, the whole town rallied together. Giving the money”We were actually surprised of the feedback we got from the whole town of Corinna and from people beyond us. We didn’t expect to have the bicycle donated. We had a cart donated yesterday from an anonymous person and all the people of Corinna put into our collection and we were able to raise the 570 dollars and 55 cents for them to use however they see fit.”Ebbie’s sister Betty Floyd says she and her brother can’t begin to show how much they appreciate everyone’s kindness.”Amazing. I just can’t even put it into words what it means. I didn’t realize that he touched so many lives.”There’s no doubt Ebbie has left an impression on many.”Everybody is crying, everybody’s so excited. He really deserves it, such a special guy.””I think its nice because that’s his only way of transportation.”And, Ebbie wanted to make sure one message was passed along. Him expressing thanks We love you Ebbie.