Wardens Spend the Weekend on Maine’s Waters 

Maine Wardens will be on the water in full force this weekend as part of a nation wide effort called ‘Operation Dry Water’.Maine is home to more than six thousand lakes — Wardens will be patrolling those waters this weekend to send a safety message to boaters.A major part of that message involves the dangers of boating under the influence.Alan Gillis, a Game Warden says, “The OUI laws that apply to a vehicle also apply to a boat. In a boat, your blood alcohol content cannot exceed .08 or greater. If you’re under 21 there’s a zero tolerance.” Gillis says heat, wind, and the motion of the boat, can increase the effect alcohol can have.”It could be that a little bit of alcohol, that ordinarily wouldn’t bother you on dry land now affects you more when in a boat.”Gillis says the wet weather we’ve had has made the waters colder than normal for this time of year.”I would plan this weekend just as you would a weekend early in the spring. If you go out, dress for the weather and make sure your wearing a life jacket, so if something does happen it will already be on.”Children under 10 *must* wear life jackets — and Gillis says everyone aboard a boat should have one with them.Other tips:Make sure you tell someone your plan — where you’re going and when you’ll be back…Keep the boat stable by placing equipment in the middle of the craft…and don’t overload your boat …If your boat does flip over — Gillis says your should stay by it.. This gives you something to hang on to.”It also may give you the opportunity to climb up out of the water on to your overturned boat…. it gives people coming to your rescue a nice large target to search for.”He says the key to staying safe on the water — is being prepared….