Fans in Maine Mourn the King of Pop 

It was shocking news that came out of Los Angeles Thursday. The death of Michael Jackson at age 50.Today fans across the globe are mourning his loss, including here in Maine.”Mike and Mike Kiss 94.5 paying tribute to Michael Jackson this morning.”D.J.’s Mike and Mike dedicated their show this morning to the King of Pop, and heard from a lot listeners who were in shock at his passing.”There’s a great sense of loss that people felt, like in a way a part of themselves was gone when Michael Jackson died.”Jackson put out great music through the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, it was just in recent years that his life took a slide, with several scandels and tabloid talk.But today, it seemed like everyone wanted to remember the old Michael.”I think people want to remember him for all the great accomplishments that he achieved over a lifetime and not so much the controversy over the past few years.”Jackson sold hundreds of millions of albums over his career, and it looks like that number will take a jump. is reporting that they sold out of all CD’s by Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5 within minutes after his death.Mark McCrillis, Manager at Bull Moose Music in Bangor also noticed a jump in sales. “We’ll probably beef up the stock a little and have a big selection for people to choose from.”He says the big request is for Thriller, the album that probably earned Jackson the title of King of Pop.Whatever you think of Jackson’s legacy or music, there’s no doubt that the world has lost a music icon.”You know he had it all and I think a lot of people even today look up to him because he’s a showman he was it.””Everybody remembers where they were when they heard the news that Elvis had died, and everybody remembers where they were when John Lennon passed away. This is another day like that.”