Dream Wedding, Inspired by True Story 

To promote Maine’s upscale wedding industry, a local organization is giving a couple a high-class wedding – for free.Thursday the bride and groom saw their wedding venue, the Retreat at French’s Point, for the first time.”This is a dream come true!” says Gita Pullapilly. She and Aron Gaudet will be married here this fall.”He’s amazing. I fell in love with him the first time I saw him,” Gita says, of what drew her to Aron. He laughs and says, “And I’m a great editor.” “And he’s a great editor,” Gita says.They’re the producer and director of “The Way We Get By,” a critically acclaimed film about Maine Troop Greeters.They spent all their money on the film and didn’t think they could ever pull off a wedding.”We’re so busy,” Aron says. “I mean, we work seven days a week, 15 hours a day trying to get the movie out there. That was the other thing, besides the money, how do we have time to plan this?””So when Amber said, ‘I will plan your wedding,’ I was like, “Take it!” Gita says.Enter Amber Small, of Sweetest Thing Weddings, and French’s Point CEO Jessika Brooks. They were looking for a deserving couple to give the wedding of their dreams.”It’s to showcase what Maine can do for high-class, upscale weddings,” Small says. “I went to the movie, cried, fell in love and called Jessie and said, “I found them.””They are so worthy of it, it’s rewarding on a whole different level,” Brooks says.They say the film means a lot to people here. Since then, 20 more vendors have come on board, forming a group called Real Weddings-Maine. Inspired by the story Gita and Aron are telling to the world, they’re happy to play a part.”So I think once I look out there and see all of our friends and family, and just to be able to have this kind of dream wedding,” Gita says, “It’s just going to be unbelievable.”