Town Responds to Man’s Stolen Bike 

Someone stole Everett Rockwell’s bike Sunday.And in the town of Corinna, many people consider Everett a part of the family. His sister Betty says everyone knows “Ebbie,” and his smile. He rides his bike into town every day.”Basically that’s his life,” Betty says of his bike. “To be able to just hop on his bike and go around and visit with people in town. That’s his freedom.”Ebbie has cerebral palsy and can’t speak or hear. But he communicates just fine. One of his favorite stops is AE Robinson, where Vicki Parker says he helps around the store.”He’s got a smile that would light up the world,” Parker says. “Everybody just loves him.”Ebbie had stopped inside Sunday morning. But when he went to leave, his bike was gone.”And he went like this,” Parker says, motioning, “and I said, ‘your bike’? And he said yeah, so we went out and looked and it was gone. And he just fell into my arms and I said ‘It’s ok, we’ll find it. Don’t worry.'”From surveillance video captured by the Seafood Market across the street, his sister says the worst part is, it looks like Ebbie was targeted.”That someone had just waited for him to go to the store. And just hopped on the bike and rode it up the street,” Betty says.Folks in town have looked everywhere for the bike that was Ebbie’s 55th birthday present.”He’s really upset. That anybody would do that to him,” Betty says.”It never should have happened to him. So he deserves to have another bike,” Parker says.In just a couple days, AE Robinson has collected more than two hundred dollars to buy Ebbie a a new bike.”I think it was just some kid that was out to do a mean prank. And they succeeded in that because it really hurt him.”At least now, Betty says, Ebbie knows how much people in town care about him.”They really have shown their support for him,” Betty says, “and we appreciate that.”