A Hobby In Belfast Has Been Around For A Long Time 

Some Belfast ladies have found a common hobby.And as Meghan Hayward tell us, it’s been around for a long time.”You learn so much from the buttons about the history of our country and other countries. It’s just a great joy you know.”Harriet Davis has been a member of the Tri-County Button Club for more than a decade.The club itself has been around for 58 years.Something davis credits to its members.”Well I think the gals that, the camaraderie your hobby your desire to keep your interest going and the love of buttons.”The Tri County Button Club meets once a month from March through October.Originally, they met at members’ homes, but as the group grew, they had to find a bigger location, The Baptist Church in Belfast.Davis says the size of the group isn’t the only thing that’s increased.”One dollar to maybe 5,000. They are expensive and depending on what you’re collecting.”Ruth Worcester is president of the button club.Her mother and grandmother both belonged to button clubs too.Worcester says she can find something she likes about every button she comes across.” Well I collect anything that is unusual and all different designs everything.”Wednesday, two button dealers were on hand.Davis says there are other ways to find buttons.”A lot of times if you go to antique shops but you have to be cautious. You have to know have some idea about the prices.”The Tri-County Button Club helps members learn the ins and outs of button hunting.Davis says when she first joined, she never expected collecting buttons would become such a hobby of hers.”You really get addicted to it. I’ll tell you.”