Training to Fend Off Pesky Tree Beetle 

Folks in the tree industry are now better trained to keep a big tree pest from crossing the Maine border. A number of people who work with trees got a lesson today in Bangor on the Asian longhorned beetle. The beetle likes to bore through hardwoods, especially maple, causing so much damage it can kill a tree.One of the tell-tale signs of the bug is a 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch exit hole in the branches or trunk. The beetle’s been spotted as close as Massachusetts. John Crowe, a pest survey specialist with the USDA, says now that more tree lovers know what to look for, they can spread the message to the public and reduce the chances of a problem here. “In Worcester, Massachusetts there was an ice storm this past winter and the structural integrity of all of the trees were a problem because when the ice came, all of the maple trees fell and destroyed cars and power lines and everything like that. That’s one of the reasons the ice storm was so problematic in worcester because the Asian longhorned beetle had done such damage to the trees.”The USDA and the Maine Department of Agriculture are warning Mainers not to bring fire wood or other wood products into the state.People who are caught doing that can have their wood destroyed and face fines or legal trouble. For more information about the Asian longhorned beetle you can visit the website,