Northeast Harbor Restaurant Reopens Ten Months After a Devastating Fire 

A restaurant and bakery in Northeast Harbor has beat the odds.It has reopened after a devastating fire left the original building in shambles.Meghan Hayward has the story.”It’s just so cozy and the food is wonderful and the family run is the best and the waitresses have been here for a long time it just makes us happy.”So when Colonel’s Deli and Bakery in Northeast Harbor was destroyed by fire last July, Bell and plenty of other people were disappointed.Restaurant Co-owner Mark Reece says they knew they wanted to reopen and on may 28th, they did just that.”Excellent we love it, we had towns people coming in saying how glad they were we were back. It was good after what we went through.”The outside of the new building was built to look similar to the original but the inside has a new addition.There is now a bar next to the dining room.” We always kind of wanted to do that you get people waiting for tables and just a nice little feature.”The original building had living quarters for restaurant employees but the new building has hotel style rooms.Server Jenna McCarthy was living in one of the apartments at the time of the fire.” Everyone was out of their living here for the summer so other people tried finding jobs at the other places on the island. It’s hard because we have the living available here which is really convenient for people like me who don’t live in this area. It was definitely hard for the people who just couldn’t go home.”When McCarthy heard colonel’s was reopening, she couldn’t wait to return to work.” This area is absolutely beautiful, the customers that come in are wonderful. It’s just a great environment overall.”An environment that keeps the customers coming back.”And to be open I’m just really happy about it for me but for the town and community we need the Colonel’s.”