Serious Accident in Burnham 

Two people were taken to the hospital after a car crash this morning in Burnham.It happened on the Winnecook road around 6:30.According to the Morning Sentinel, 23 year old Amy Noonan of Canaan, and her 15 year old sister, who police would not name, were taken by ambulance to Sebasticook Valley Hospital.The 15 year old was treated there, and released. Noonan was lifefighted to Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor with more serious injuries.She’s said to have internal injuries, head injuries, and possibly a punctured lung.Officials aren’t sure what caused the crash.Trooper Jonah O’Roak says, “It appears that the vehicle went off the road for unknown reason, possibly the driver fell asleep, there was no break marks on scene. The vehicle hit a small pile of sand and went airborne, rolled and came to rest on it’s roof.”Police also say they found marijuana in the vehicle and charges are pending.