P.A.L. Center Opens in Bangor 

Now that school’s out, it’s tough for parents to find fun activities to keep their kids busy. The P.A.L. Center in Bangor hopes to fill that void.It shut down a year ago because of a lack of funding, but the Bangor Police Athletic League raised enough money to open up the doors for the summer.”I’m like OMG, I have to go.”That was Nickolas Childs’ reaction when he saw a flier, advertising that the Police Athletic League facility was reopening for the summer.The P.A.L. Center on Watchmaker Lane right off Essex Street not only gives kids a place to hang out, but also a chance to take part in some fun activities.”On sunny days we can go outside and play sports and stuff, on rainy days we come inside and play foose ball, pool, stuff like that.””Gonna try to build the program around the kids, kind of what they want, let them take some ownership so it’s their place.”The directors of the facility hope to get creative.”You said you want a disco party one time, disco party, couple karaoke nights.”Plus, the kids will get a chance to take field trips. Some of those might have a small cost, but all the other activities here are free, something that the folks here know will be helpful to a lot of parents who are struggling to make it in this tough economy.”The ability for children to go someplace and not be left at home alone and have a place they know are gonna be safe and for no cost or very little cost even with a field trip I think is gonna be a big help.”The directors were expecting about 5 kids on their first day, already they have about 15, and so far the facility is getting rave reviews.”It’s a little bit better than Disneyland but it really is the best place ever.”For more information on the PAL Center you can contact Tim at the Bangor Parks and Recreation Department at 992-4493.