Camp Capella is Open 

Camp Capella in Dedham was closed for the 2006 and 2007 summers, and last year reopened to children and adults with disabilities.The summer camp started again Monday and this year opened with a big announcement.Camp Capella is now an independent, non-profit organization.” What this means for us is we’re gonna focus our energies.” said Executive Director of Camp Capella Dana Mosher. ” This is not just an eight week summer program open it up and close it up and go home, this is an all year round program at this point that we’re gonna be providing recreational opportunities for people with disabilities on a year round basis.”Camp Capella opened on Phillips Lake in Dedham in 1960. It was operated for 45 years by United Cerebral Palsy of Maine, but was closed for two years because of a lack of funding and focus.” We really felt that a group that just dedicated all of their time to just this program would be more successful then what we were able to do because we operate eleven different programs,” said UCP Executive Director Bobbi Jo Yeager. ” So it was very hard just to concentrate on a summer program.”Camp capella will still have ties to UCP, but will continue on their own to provide a much needed service said Mosher.” There are only two places in the entire state of maine the provide these kinds of services to children and adults with disabilities and we’re right here in our area, we’re right here in our neighborhood and the community was not going to let this place die.”But according to Mosher being on their own does bring about new tasks.” We need to fund raise and make people aware of the magic of this place and the uniqueness of this place because once they understand that, supporting it is the right thing to do and they will understand that.”