Bangor Pub Owner Has Big Plans 

Not everyone is holding off or cutting back because of the economy.Some folks are moving ahead with their business plans, even in the fickle bar and restaurant industry.”This building has a lot of history. Benjamin’s started in 1973 and it was Bangor’s hotspot, there’s no doubt about it.” Says Scott McCoy.This spot on Franklin Street in Bangor has seen its share of owners. McCoy – also known as DJ Fahrenheit – bought it this year. He says he’s seen others succeed and fail during his career. He’s been behind the bar and in the DJ booth. “As long as I’ve been doing this, it has prepared me for this,” he says. He has big plans to turn the place into Fahrenheit Pub.”The concept didn’t change,” he says of previous owners. “I believe that’s what needs to happen. Bangor is looking for a new, fun hotspot and that’s what we’re trying to provide,” he says.He’s poured his savings into a complete renovation. He’s expanding out back and adding a new drink and food menu. He’s confident it’s money well spent, even in a down economy.”Based on the economy, people are saving money and whatnot, but I’ve been in this very same location before. And the day we closed, there were 100 people in this bar still spending money and having a good time,” McCoy says.He says Fahrenheit Pub will appeal to the downtown after-work crowd with live music and other specials.”The market is definitely out there,” he says. “When you go out, if you’re offering a quality drink, quality food, quality entertainment, you’ll be successful.”He says the city has helped him along as a new business owner. While there’s still lots of work to do, he says he’ll be ready to open by July 4th.