Deployment Ceremony Held for 619th Transportation Company 

Family members and friends gathered at Lawrence High School in Fairfield today to show support for their soldiers who will be deploying to Iraq soon.(Nat) ” Anyone who is concerned whether or not patriotism is alive and well in the United States of America needs to look no further than the State of Maine.”That patriotism was evident in the 619th Transportation Company and their family at Saturday’s deployment ceremony.Michael Paquette is a member of that Army Reserve unit that is based out of Auburn.This is Paquette’s second deployment to Iraq.” I feel much stronger with this particular unity. The 619th has a fantastic FRG which is your family readiness group. They’ve very involved which makes a big difference on my family’s behalf while I’m gone. They can represent me and invovle my family and make sure everything is taken care of when I’m gone.”Paquette’s wife Alicia also feels a lot better about this deployment.” With the new technology nowadays you can talk on webcams with each other. I know before a lot of the veterans have said they would wait months before they heard from their spouses. So it makes it a lot easier with the technology now.”Alicia says the family readiness group is also going to be a lot of help.” His first deployment there was no FRG associated with the troops so we didn’t hear anything from the military unit he was from only from him when he called home.”The main mission of the family readiness group is to offer support for the family members left behind.619TH FRG leader Kellie White says she does whatever she can to help.” I’m the backbone and if there’s not somebody here to support the family then sometimes it is very emotional for the family members.”And at today’s ceremony all kinds of support was shown.” This ceremony is very important it means a lot to the soldiers to have their families involved. You see all these other veterans that are here in our support and just community members.”With their deployment only a week away Paquette says every trip to Iraq is a happy one as long as his wife is happy.” As for the future of my deployment, I take it day by day.”The unit will head to Fort Dix in New Jersey before heading to Iraq.While in Iraq they will conduct route clearance and provide security for Coalition Forces.