Radio Host’s Hair Will Make ‘Beautiful Wig’ 

While lots of people know someone who’s donated their hair to Locks of Love, you don’t hear of many men making donations.A local radio host surprised his listeners this week, when he told them that’s why he’s been growing out his hair.”It’s not the 1970’s anymore…the hippies have called, they want their hair back…” For more than a year, WZON Radio’s Pat Spekhardt has taken some good-natured ribbing about his long hair.Turns out, he’s quietly been growing it out to donate to Locks of Love.His mother died from cancer more than a decade ago. He says a wig she received after she lost her hair meant a lot to her.”She got a wig so she could look like herself when she had her final picture taken with my dad,” Spekhardt says. “And that always struck me as being a very nice thing, people providing that kind of service. I thought, you know, this is easy.”At Rebecca’s Hair Design inside Dysart’s Friday, he said goodbye to ten inches of hair.”He’s got a very thick head of hair,” says stylist Rebecca Lane. “Very gorgeous. It’s cutting very nicely.”She says she sees lots of folks donate their hair, but not so many men.”It’s going to be a beautiful wig for somebody who has lost their hair,” Lane says.Spekhardt says it’s a small gesture, but one worth doing in honor of his mom.”It made her happy. And I always remembered that. It makes people happy when they’re just going through a hideous time in their lives,” he says.When the chopping was done, Spekhardt picked up his lopped-off ponytail and laughed. And then, he said, he might even grow it out again to make another donation.