Paving Scam 

Bangor police have a warning about scam artists passing through the area, who want to sell you some asphalt.They say the scammers approach people outside their homes, and offer to pave their driveway for cheap. They do the work, leave town, and the work is very shoddy. By then they have the victims’ money and they are no where to be found.There have been reports of this scam from Bangor to Houlton.Sergeant Paul Edwards of Bangor Police says there are lots of legitimate pavers in the area, you just need to do your research. “I would just be very weary of that. Check the credentials, check the business, check the internet, check with the better business bureau to see if these people have had any complaints against them.”Edwards also reminds people that when you enter into a contract with someone, there is a three day wait period. You can take that time to check up on them.