A Kingsbury Plantation Man’s Legacy Will Live On 

A man was remembered and honored in Kingsbury Plantation today.As Meghan Hayward tells us, his name will not be forgotten for years to come.”He was a very gentle man but when he spoke you paid attention.”Now, every time anyone drives Route 16 in Kingsbury Plantation, they will see the signs that bear the words The Alton E. Worcester highway.His widow thinks he would have been surprised by the honor. “I think that’s kind of how he was. He’d say I didn’t do anything what’s all the fuss about? I think that’s the attitude he would take. He’d a be a little bit embarrassed I think.”Friday, folks came together for the dedication ceremony of the highway.Alton was diagnosed with ALS in 2001 and passed away two years later.Now, his legacy will live on.” I can’t even explain it. I really can’t. It’s one thing to know how you feel because of the closeness. But to hear other people to hear how they feel that’s a whole other story.”Many people had stories to share.For the longest time Lois and Alton’s house was the only one along a 12 mile stretch.”It’s a long ways across and this can be a scary road. It was always nice to see lights at their house when you came around the corner. And if you got in trouble they would help you out.”Throughout the dedication ceremony, similar stories were told about Worcester.”I’ve never heard anybody say a bad thing about Alton.”David says he was a man of integrity and wisdom. Someone you wanted on your side.Alton served 20 years in the air force.His service and memory will continue to live on.”It’s going to be here forever. It’s going to be a legacy that will be handed down to his children’s children.”