Scammers Target Central Maine Phones 

Earlier this week Waterville Police started to notice a disturbing trend. Phone scams are on the rise. Waterville Deputy Chief Charles Rumsey says the area has been inundated with scam calls during the past few days. There have been no written complaints, but he is aware of at least a dozen or so calls by word of mouth and he’s sure there have been more made. Rumsey fears that someone may get “hooked” by the calls that start out as a pre-recorded message telling the person that their card has been used fraudulently. The person is then askedto punch in their card number, after which they are asked for more card information. The New Dimensions Credit Union in Waterville has fielded numerous complaints involving the scam according to Rumsey. The Credit Union’s website has posted a warning alerting customers. Rumsey says this is the largest wave of phone scams Waterville police have encountered. He says the public needs to be aware because with the amount of calls coming in, the fear is that someone will fall for the scam and become a victim. More information on identity theft and fraud: