Students Raise Money by Reading 

The school year is almost over, but 5th graders in Blue Hill don’t want to put their books down just yet. That’s because they’re raising money for each page they read.At Blue Hill Consolidated School Wednesday, you could hear a pin drop in Sue Slocum’s 5th grade class. It was time to read.”With my favorite books, it’s almost like you’re entering a different world,” says 5th-grader Schuyler Williamson.But while the students pored through their stories, they were also raising money, one page at a time.”We got sponsors pledging a penny per page,” she says.With some family and friends donating more than just pennies, the class has raised more than 13-hundred dollars this month. They voted how to donate the money.”We all voted Pennies for Peace,” says James Marsh. “And one penny will get a pencil and the pencil can start a kid having an education.”Pennies for Peace supports educational opportunities for children in Afghanistan and Pakistan and teaches children about the world.”Afghanistan and Pakistan, they’re having a really tough time,” Marsh says.”They don’t have enough money and the teachers only work there two days or three and then they move on to the next place,” says Brier-Rose Werner. “And since they don’t have paper or pencils, they write in the dirt or the sand.”For 5th graders here who already have a love of reading, a chance at an education is a good thing to pass along.”It feels pretty great,” says Matthew Stephens.