Oregon Trail Comes to Life for Elementary Students in Belfast 

Students at East Belfast School have been on quite the journey since December.They’ve been walking the Oregon Trail.As Meghan Hayward explains they’ve finally reached their destination.The Oregon Trail came to life for elementary students at East Belfast School.”Since December we’ve been virtually walking the Oregon Trail and today is out celebration for our arrival.”For the celebration students got to go to different things that took them back to the days of the Oregon Trail.They were even served a special lunch, chuck wagon chili with cornbread.Kate Coleman coordinated all this. She says it seemed like a fun way for the kids to learn.”They’ve been so excited, so pumped up about this for a long time and they’ve been really into walking the trail and dedicated to walking at recess and running during recess.”At one station students go do-si-do, but what proved to be the favorite was the stop featuring two real oxen.Fifth grader Brandon Porter says the animals weren’t what he expected.”Crazy they’re big and their tongues feel rough when they lick you and they are a lot bigger than what you would expect them to be when they’re first born.”But Brandon’s favorite part.”Getting to pet them.”Fourth-grader Morgan Maker liked the big animals too. She says walking the Oregon Trail was a lot of fun but what surprised her most.”How long it took to get to Oregon.”The event was in collaboration with the Take Time program which encourages schools to tie in physical activity with the curiculum. “To incorporate it into the instructional time it gets them more interested in what they’re doing and a lot of kids it helps them to retain the information they’re learning it they are doing it in a more active way.”