New Homeowner Thanks to Federal Program 

A man in Milo is a proud homeowner, thanks to a federal program that helps folks living in substandard conditions.Gary Powell says the move to his new digs has been nothing short of life-changing.Amy Erickson has the story.”I was living in a 1978 mobile home trailer. I tried to refurbish it myself, but ran into too much money and it wasn’t even worth fixing up.”Gary Powell thought he had no choice but to keep living in his rundown mobile home in Milo. Until one day, about a year ago, when he went to pay his taxes.”I found a pamphlet at City Hall and I followed through with it and I just happened to be one of the lucky ones, really.”That pamphlet included an application for the USDA and Penquis Replacement Home program.It’s designed to help folks who otherwise would not be able to afford home ownership.Powell met the criteria and was chosen for the program.”Gary was living in a very sub-standard trailer, right here on the site. Inadequate windows, plumbing, electric and a number of other problems.”Thanks to the USDA and its partners, Powell is now the owner of this brand new home that sits where his trailer used to.”I got a brand new house!”The best part is he can afford the mortgage himself.”We have a grant component to this. All these homes have a mortgage, but they also have a grant component that buys down the mortgage so the mortgage becomes affordable for these folks that have limited income.”Powell couldn’t heap enough thanks on the folks who turned out Wednesday to welcome him into his new home.”The conditions he lived in with his trailer to going to something like this is something he never expected and something he’s very proud of and thankful for.””It’s an unbelievable program. I couldn’t believe the people that worked behind the scenes for me to get this place.””It’s life changing, there’s no doubt about that.”Amy Erickson, WABI TV5 News, Milo.