Caron Trial 

The trial continued today in Penobscot County Superior Court for 31-year-old Jason Caron.He is charged with aggravated assault, o-u-i and aggravated o-u-i in connection with a 2007 accident that left his former girlfriend paralyzed.19-year-old Bobbi Jo Norris was pregnant at the time: the baby survived.Caron was scheduled to take part in a truck pull at the Springfield Fair that night.Two men working the event testified that they disqualified caron because they believed he was drunk. They say Caron had been involved in an accident with another competitor prior to the truck pull.Also testifying today was the emergency room nurse who treated Caron the night of the accident.She testified she smelled alcohol on his breath: the nurse also said caron told the staff at the emergency room that he was alone in the vehicle, before changing his story.Caron claims Norris was behind the wheel at the time of the crash.If convicted, Caron faces up to ten years in prison.