Antique Hearse Restored by Maine Prisoners 

Folks from the town of Knox, are glad to see a piece of their history back where it should be.An old hearse dating back to the 18-hundreds has been restored thanks to some inmates at the Maine state Prison.”It’s amazing, I hope the town is proud of it.”If the dozens of people who showed up are any indication, this community is proud to see this antique back in town.This horse drawn hearse was purchased by the town for in the late 18-hundreds for a little more than 300 dollars. 120 years later, it needed a lot of work. “It wasn’t quite as shiney, it was older”So the folks from the historical society turned to the inmates at the Maine State Prison Industries program.It just so happens, that the hearse was first built at the state prison in Thomaston back in 1889.”Prisoners were really proud to be able to take this on for this opportunity and they really delivered.”Folks in town agree.”I am thrilled, absolutely thrilled look how beautiful, look at the work””Oh my sakes, 1000 percent change”The inmates put over 500 hours into restoring every inch of this antique, and although they couldn’t be here, fellow inmate Larry Smith says they’d be thrilled to see the reactions.”I just got the luxury of seeing it happen, so I’m really proud of them.”Robert Welch of the historical says most of the time, you’ll find this piece of town history, at the historical society, but they also plan to show it off during the 4th of July Parade in Brooks.”You know, we can’t take something like this and put it into a building and just leave it. It was made to haul behind horses, let’s do it.”