Keith’s Korner at Pickerel Pond 

Families fishing together.There was plenty of brook trout for the catching, and a lot of memories being made.Keith Erickson takes us to Maine Youth Fish and Game Associations’ Spring Family Fishing Day.Nobody earlier on the pond than Jordan Pinkham. He was out here at 4:30 in the morning.”And around 5 o’clock is when I got my first trout.”And more and more people kept arriving. Including Jim Willette and his son Sidney. “You like that one?” “That’s a good one.” “I grew up not fishing a lot, and the way they come out here and do this for the kids teaches them a lot of morals and values.”6 year old Cody is actually friends with Sidney. So they met up and had a prime spot right on this dock. “It’s really fun.”The pollywogs and bait fish provided entertainment. Meanwhile, Cody’s dad, Jeff helped out wherever he could. “If we catch any fish we’ll take’em home and Mom will eat’em. Him and Mom will cook’em right up and eat’em. I don’t even clean it. I leave it for her.””You got it!”The excitement really picked up when Sidney’s bobber went under.”Yeah! Sidney’s first brook trout!””Well, do you want to keep him for your first ever brook trout?” “Yeah!””Whenever the children usually get a taste of Pickerel Pond, they want to come back.””Look at the colors on that Sid.” “Nicely done Sid!” “Yeah.””Our number one deal is for the kids to get acquainted with the outdoors and to respect the outdoors.”And that’s some pretty good advice.