Giant Baby Bottle Raises Awareness About Toxic Chemicals 

Environmental activists in Bangor used a massive baby bottle as a backdrop to raise awareness about toxic chemicals in products for children. They stood in front of a 20-foot inflatable bottle to demand a ban on the chemical known as BPA and encourage businesses not to sell products with it.BPA is usually found in plastics, such as as baby bottles and sippy cups. It’s also used in the lining of metal food cans, including infant formula.The activists say BPA is linked to health concerns such as cancer, reproductive problems and learning disabilities.Heather VanFrankenhuyzen is a mother concerned about her daughter’s safety.”I do everything I can not to expose her to toxic chemicals. We use all natural stuff to clean our house. I try to make sure everything she wears is safe and then when we don’t even realize it, we’re giving her chemicals that are disrupting her growth, that are endangering her in the future and it really upsets me.”The Maine People’s Alliance says the federal government needs to step up and close loopholes that allow the use of such chemicals such as BPA. Maine is already leading the way with the Kid Safe Products Act, passed last year. But members say the effort needs to rise to the national level.