Honoring Meghan 

After a teenaged girl passed away last Sunday, her classmates looked for a way to honor her life. They found a way to do that by making a donation to United Cerebral Palsy in Bangor. Members of the student council at the Cohen School gathered there Monday, to honor Meghan Plunkett. “You realize it’s a really young age to pass away and it’s just so much life, just lost. It’s really sad,” says Jacob Birmingham, student council president.The students took a big chunk out of their treasury, money they raised throughout the year, to help the organization that helped her. “She was a very nice person. You could just feel in your heart,” Birmingham says. “When I heard the family had picked us I was very grateful, because this is probably one of the worst times in their lives. And to remember us, I’m very grateful,” says UCP Executive Director Bobbi Jo Yeager.Yeager says they’ve received several donations in Meghan’s name. The 25 hundred dollars from the students will help support the UCP preschool, which Meghan attended. “I was very excited because this is a significant donation that will help UCP a lot,” Yeager says.They remembered 14-year-old Meghan as a quiet, sweet girl who meant a lot to people. “She obviously touched a lot of lives and I think it’s wonderful they’re remembering her in this way,” Yeager says. “We feel very sorry she’s passed away, but this is what we’re doing in her honor,” says Birmingham.