Clinton Man Brings New Technology to Area 

A Clinton man is bringing new technology to the area.And trying to convince others it’s a practical purchase.Meghan Hayward has more.” I’m showing off compact solar water heater for the first time in America.”Bruce Clark was so impressed with the compact solar water heaters he found in China that he decided to show them off at an expo in Clinton on Saturday.The streets of town were lined with cars full of folks interested in checking the products out for themselves.” I was very interested in heating my house and not paying for foreign oil.”Sean McGrath was so convinced that he bought one.” The price is right and I’m in the market for new equipment for in my house because what I have is old and it’s time to go.”The big question McGrath and everyone else at the expo wanted to know?How does it work?” The heat pipes are made to transfer heat into the water. The pipe is pure copper so the heat naturally transfers up because heat flows up and it also flows the cold water which is the water inside.”Clark says the benefits of the heater are what sparked his interest.” Provided the same amount of hot water that an American split system did only one tenth the cost and the American systems have a 10 page troubleshooting guide to make them work. This has two things you do to make it work.”Clark expects to get a 50 percent return on his money.He says the heater is a practical purchase.” If you believe in the technology and you view them and you are green you will buy them.” McGrath thinks it makes sense.”there’s a lot of benefits. I just see a lot of pluses. I don’t see any negative to it.”