The Big Barge Leaves Brewer 

It’s another milestone in Cianbro’s massive project for the Motiva refinery.Friday, the Brewer manufacturing facility sent its second shipment of modules down the Penobscot River, bound for Port Arthur, Texas, on one of the largest barges in the world.”The most significant module in terms of weight is in excess of 500 tons on this shipment,” says Cianbro Corporation CEO Peter Vigue.He says these four modules are heading out right on time.”It’s just a clear indication of the capability and the competency of the Maine workforce and the people of this company,” Vigue says.A few of the company’s 525 workers gathered Friday to see it off. As the barge was pulled out, Project Manager Rick Godin had only one thought in mind. “How much time we have before the next barge comes in,” he says, smiling.The shipments will continue until June 2010, carrying 53 modules in all to Texas.”People continue to call us all the time and want to know precisely what the schedule is so they won’t miss it,” Vigue says.Despite the rain, folks who turned out to watch the spectacle weren’t disappointed.”It was huge!” says Janet Murphy, of Orono, who stopped at several points along the Penobscot. “I couldn’t believe it coming around the corner there.””It’s really big. It’s amazing they’re going to get that through the ocean,” says Gloria Gibbons, who also came out to see the barge.Unless there’s bad weather, once the barge hits Penobscot Bay it won’t stop until Texas, taking the pride of people here with it.”We’re sending a clear message to the people of this state in terms of what they’re capable of achieving, and that they can compete with any company anywhere in the world,” Vigue says.The next shipment is scheduled to go out in August.”We have a lot of work to do between now and then,” Godin says, “but we’ll be ready.”