Elementary Students Learn the History of Bangor 

Do you know how the name of Bangor came about?Some elementary school students got to learn all about it first hand today.”Hereby incorporated into a town by the name of Bangor and the said town is hereby invested with the powers, privileges, and amenities which other towns in this commonwealth do or may do by law.”Some elementary school students got to take a trip back in time Friday.”Today is part of our 175th anniversary celebration. Bangor is 175 years from the incorporation as a city back in 1834. But now we’re reaching back even earlier to when Bangor became a town.”Students were treated to a re-enactment of how the name Bangor was created.”Bangor was actually named after a song and that’s very rare. I don’t know of another one anywhere. Not only that, it was a mistake. It wasn’t planned.”The play tells the story of a sometimes forgetful reverend known as Seth Noble.Noble traveled to Boston to incorporate Bangor as a town.But it wasn’t supposed to be named Bangor.”As it is written as permanent record, Kenduskeag Plantation will now be known as Bangor.””Bangor, no no no not Bangor. The tune is Bangor but the name of the village is Sunbury. There’s been a dreadful mistake.”Third grader Brooke Bowen was excited to learn about Bangor.”I think it’s important to know about where you come from.”Third grader Devin Haggerty read the Declaration of Independence at the start of the play.She was happy to be a part of the re-enactment.”It was kind of exciting. I thought it was cool to be here.”A history lesson the students have been learning about in the classroom for months and one that came to life for them Friday.