Military Families Finding Support 

There are thousands of military men and women from across the state that serve. Many have deployed at least once having to transition from a war zone to back home. Each service and family member will manage the transition from the war zone to the home front with different amounts of success. Some accomplish this transition within weeks. Others will need more time, and perhaps assistance. Readjustment is a complicated process with no clear demarcation points and no consistent timeline. To help assist service members and their families the Maine National Guard along with the Maine Military and Community Network set up a day-long conference to bring toether those who want to collaborate to make Maine’s military support system better. Governor John Baldacci and Major General John Libby attended the conference which was held Thursday at Colby College in Waterville. Perhaps the most memorable speakers though were the men and women who shared their experiences with deployment and the task of transitioning back into civilian life. Major Ronald Oldfield and his family shared with the audience their personal and very emotional struggles their family has faced through nine deployments. Major Oldfield admits it’s not that there aren’t any support services available that makes transitioning difficult, but rather that there needs to be more awareness that they are out there. For more information about state and local support services click here.