Junior High Students Help Make An Enfield Beach Tobacco-Free 

A beach in Enfield is now healthier thanks to some junior high students.As Meghan Hayward tells us, their efforts will be seen for quite some time.”So there are many pieces that brought this together. The students were happy to do it. We want them to feel that they can make a difference and to be a good citizen.”Junior high students at Hichborn Middle School in Howland did make a difference.They wrote letters to town selectmen this past winter urging them to ban tobacco at Morgan’s Beach and the ban was passed.Health and physical education teacher Barb Hamlin says she wasn’t surprised about the student’s letters being so successful.”They’re at an age where they’re really deciding for themselves whether or not they’ll do certain things and this is a key time for them to make health decisions and I think it was good they could advocate for health.”Seventh grader Aleisha Sides is one of the students that wrote a letter.She’s happy with the end result.”It’s exciting knowing we wrote something and it worked.”Sides says the ban is going to prevent children and others from getting hurt.”Little kids aren’t going to get hurt by cigarette butts and no one’s going to be burning their feet or stepping on anything so they don’t get hurt.”Thursday, the students hard work paid off as the tobacco-free signs were unveiled. Signs being presented, applauseSeventh graders Jenna Hope and Morgan Roy also wrote letters.”I felt glad.””It’s amazing. I’m speechless.”Now, every time the students come to Morgan’s Beach and see the tobacco-free signs, they’ll know it’s because of them.