Environmentalists & Labor Officials Push for Employee Free Choice Act 

Environmentalists joined forces with workers’ rights advocates for a press conference in Orono on Thursday.Members of the Sierra Club and the Maine People’s Alliance teamed up with labor officials and tradesmen to call on Senators Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins to support the “Employee Free Choice Act.”Its supporters say the the legislation will level the playing field for Mainers by giving them the choice to unionize.Sierra Club officials say the Employee Free Choice Act will help ensure that good jobs are created in the new, clean energy economy.Bill Murphy is director of Umaine’s Bureau of Labor Education.He says the legislation is about justice for all workers.<"justice delayed is justice denied. And for millions of workers in america and here in this state as well, who are legitimately trying to organize a union, they've encountered this by having their justice, equity and opportunity for equality on the job either denied or delayed.">The Employee Free Choice Act includes tougher penalties for employers who try to harass or intimidate workers who try to unionize.It would also help employees secure a contract in a reasonable period of time.