Take This Job and Love It: Dog Groomer 

Every now and then, we all wonder what it would be like to switch jobs and try something else for a day.Our Amy Erickson’s been giving it a try lately.This month, she visited Carden Kennels in Bangor and spent the day as a dog groomer.Tonight, we see how she did, in her “Take This Job and Love It” report.”this is Rummy…he’s a…PBGV for short.””today he’s actually going to be cut down short for his summer haircut.”Easy enough, right?Penny gets out the clippers and puts me to work.Rummy needs a major shave before he even gets in the tub.”just take it short strokes and make a hole.””do I hold onto his head while I’m doing it? Just kind of hold his skin tight…it makes it easier. I’m so afraid of cutting him! Right there’s a good spot where you’re really not going to cut him. Are you sure?It’s quite a job getting this pup clipped…while trying to keep him happy.”have you ever been bitten? Yeah. You have? Oh, yeah. These are live animals and not all of them like what you’re doing.””this is kind of tiring. Yeah, my hands are tired at the end of the day. Carpal tunnel with groomers is a big issue.””this I’m nervous about. I’m nervous about the back end.”Lucky for me, Penny takes over here. I admit it…I’m a wimp.”kind of stinky under there, too. Yeah, I’m glad you’re doing that part. Oh, I see a lot of this.””course he’s still in tact, so I have to be careful of these. I’m not messing with those, Penny!”Once Rummy’s clipped, it’s on to the nail trimming…which is much harder than it looks.”see that white tip right there? All you want to do is cut off that white tip.””Did I take enough? You did! Just do it quick because if you go slow they feel it more. You’re doing good!””oh! This is not…ooh…not everybody can do toenails. It’s a hard thing. Kids are much easier.”And just when I think I have it mastered…I see blood.Yup…I cut him.”oh yeah, you did. That’s fine. I have a styptic powder I use.” “that was tough, just getting him to stay still! It is.”Then it’s on to another glamorous part of the job.”grab some cotton and some ear cleaner.””you can kind of get your finger right down inside…and really wipe it out (grimace).””really get in there. This is not the most pleasant part, but it’s better than the back end!”Little did I know, there’d be more of the back end to come…Time to put Rummy in the tub.The power washer makes the shampooing easy…that is, until Penny’s next instructions.”you have to make sure you have to lift the tail and make sure you wash under there. Ok. You have to really make sure you get your hand in there. Really get your hand in there? You have to get a little personal sometimes. This is a LOT personal!”We both make it through the bath…then it’s time to beautify him with the brush and a heavy duty hairdryer…Finally, Penny does a little fancy grooming around the face and voila…Rummy looks like a million bucks.And he’s no worse for the wear…I hope. “so how do you think I did? You did good! I’d have you back. What areas do I have to work on? Probably the nail trimming…the clipper…there are a few things you have to work on.”Like not drawing blood next time, maybe. “that wasn’t bad for a first time. He survived. He’s living. He’s not bleeding anymore. A little more practice and I think you’d be great.”Amy Erickson, WABI TV5 News, Bangor.>Amy’s always looking for ideas for her next job swap.If you have a suggestion, email her at [email protected]