Orono Fire Latest 

Nearly two dozen people are homeless after fire gutted a historic apartment building in Orono.It happened Tuesday evening.As Amy Erickson reports, it’s going to be quite a job finding out what started the fire and taking care of all those who are displaced.<"We are just beginning the investigation into where the fire started and what caused the fire."Two investigators from the state Fire Marshal's office spent the morning digging through the rubble at the historic building on the corner of Main Street and Bennoch Road in Orono.Little more than a shell remains after flames ripped through the nearly 180-year-old building Tuesday evening.All the tenants who were inside managed to get out. One was taken to the hospital to be treated for smoke inhalation.Two firefighters also suffered minor injuries.It took hours to get the flames under control."Overall, we had four communities here trying to battle this fire. Over 50 firefighters. It's a very big, very cut up building and a very significant fire. So what we've got left standing is pretty impressive."The folks from the Pine Tree Chapter of the American Red Cross have quite a job in front of them.They've had trouble determining exactly who was living here at the time of the fire, since many of the tenants were students...some of whom have seasonal jobs on the coast."Tracking down the tenants through the landlord, the town, the fire department and hopefully we'll have a better handle on who's here, who wasn't and who needs our services.""A multi-unit fire is devastating for the chapter and also for the victims. First, we have to locate everybody and make sure they've got shelter, a place to go, a place to stay."For now, the Red Cross has set up shop at the Orono Town Office, providing assistance to any fire victims who need it, including mental health services, hotel vouchers and clothing debit cards.While the destruction is devastating, firefighters say it could have been much worse.They say it's a small miracle that everyone got out safely, including several of whom is Bingley the dog...who was presumed dead, but ended up making it out, to the cheers of spectators Tuesday night."It was quite a while into the fire when we could finally get in and find the dog that was hidden in a bathroom but he came out, we got him some oxygen and he went to the vet and he's doing great."Amy Erickson, WABI TV5 News, Orono.>