A Pig Shines at the Harmony Elementary School 

Students at Harmony Elementary School saw their hard work pay off today.As Meghan Hayward shows us, their principal may not have been quite as excited. “Kiss the pig, kiss the pig.””This year, they said I had to kiss a pig so that was the deal. So I upped the ante and I said you have to raise 1,000 dollars in pennies.”The entire Harmony Elementary School gathered outside Wednesday to see their principal kiss the pig.The students raised $1,000 dollars worth of pennies to go toward a new playground.David Chadbourne of Chadbourne Farm brought the pig.”I was just hoping he would be gentle with her. She’s not use to this. I told him he should have some flowers since its the first date, she should be given flowers.”The pig, sometimes called “pork chop,” made her entrance, bow and all. But not without putting up a fight. “pig grunting”Finally, the big moment. “Kissing”Tracy says the kids deserved this for all their hard work.”The students themselves, predominantly the K through 5 kids, have been really excited and really put a lot of work into this.”The Parents Teachers for Kids Group organized the entire fundraiser.President Tracy McKenney says she saw the need for a new playground when her daughter first started school.”And I just decided the playground was not a safe place for her to be playing. The slide was huge and I just didn’t like her going down the slide.”Tracy’s daughter, first-grader Caitlin McKenney, says her favorite part about the whole thing was seeing her principal dress up like a farmer.”Cuz he’s a farmer, he’s kissing a pig and he’s a farmer. Farmers always kiss pigs.”A fun fundraiser that got the children involved and left the principal saying there’s a first time for everything.”I have never kissed a pig before.”