Winterport Farm Has a New Member 

A farm in Winterport received a four-legged foal blessing.The Spirit of Hope farm has a new member and rightfully called “bold blessing.”The mother of the foal, “shy-shy”, was rescued by Michele Clark.The horse had been abused and neglected.She is paralyzed and deaf on one side of her head and was underweight by almost 400 pounds when she first came to clark.Clark says with all her medical issues it was unsure if “shy-shy” would survive the labor.But Clark says they did all they could to help her along.” Her nutrition was on board, the vets been out here checking her. Making sure she is ok. She’s had the best fighting chance that she was going to have no matter where she was.”Clark says “bold blessing” is having no problem eating or walking around,but she hasn’t quite figured out how to lay down yet.