Squeaky Wheel Adventures 

In just a few weeks, foster and adopted kids from around Maine will have the opportunity to go camping, and go green, all at the same time.Joy Hollowell tells us about Squeaky Wheel Adventures.++++++++++++++++++”Had this old bus outside and thought, what can we do with kids and this bus. Pretty quickly we realized that the bus is for taking trips,” says Bryan Wolf, who runs Squeaky Wheel Adventures with his wife, Alyssa.Squeaky Wheel Adventures will take off later this month, for the first of five multi-day trips. “We incorporate some pretty commercial venues like Six Flags amusement park, the Cog Railroad up Mount Washington, with just exploring, some natural parks, some waterfalls,” says Wolf, who lives in Surry.The campers are all in foster care or some type of other out of home care such as kinship care or that have been adopted.”We felt like children in foster care were perhaps missing certain opportunities, were missing at times a feeling that someone out there is wanting to do something for them, or caring for them,” says Wolf.And then, there’s the bus.”The bus is an adventure all in itself,” says Wolf.That’s because it’s powered by used vegetable oil. “Usually, it’s a bit of a surprise, some big eyes. I don’t think they really believe what we’re saying until a few hundred miles down the road, when they’re involved in helping to fill the tank back up with the vegetable oil that we pull off the roof,” says Wolf.Solar panels on top run the appliances. the campers sleep in bunk beds in the back.There are six kids and three counselors on every trip. “Once in awhile you get one of those golden moments where they’re completely themselves and completely relaxed and I think that’s one of those moments that spurs this whole project on,” says Gerry Brache who is one of the counselors.==============For those in state care, Maine pays for about 40-percent of the trip.Adopted kids also receive some sort of state stipend.But the rest comes from grants and fund raising.There are still some spots left for this season, and the Wolfs are still looking for donations to help fund the trips.For more information, you can log onto