Rockland Woman Pleads Guilty in 2005 Drug Case 

A woman from Rockland accused of providing methadone to her brother that lead to his death plead guilty to part of the charges Tuesday.Prosecutors say Rochelle Kenney gave the drug to her brother, John Kenney back in 2005. The 43 year old man was later found dead on Matinicus Island.In U.S. District Court Tuesday, Rochelle Kenney pleaded guilty to one count of healthcare fraud, and one count of unlawful distribution of methadone. A third count of drug distribution was dismissed under a plea agreement.Kenney did not admit: however, that the methadone actually caused her brother’s death. That will be determined by the federal judge at a later hearing.Kenney began to cry as she was taken away in federal custody. Kelly Kenney tells us she stands by her sister, but it has been a devastating time for the entire family. “I was devastated because my sister has a 12 year old daughter. I have a sister-in-law who, her husband’s gone and she has three daughters that she’s bringing up, and this methadone that’s going around everywhere, people are dropping left and right. I don’t understand it.”Under the plea agreement Kenney faces a maximum of 20 years in prison. If she had been found guilty by a jury, she could have been sentenced to life.The defense says that John Kenney had an enlarged heart, and had changed his medication the morning he died. They say that combination and not the methadone could have been the cause of death.