Central Maine Institute Senior’s Art Work To Be Displayed Throughout Pittsfield 

Some artwork from a high school student in Pittsfield will be displayed throughout the town.As Meghan Hayward tells us, its all a part of a huge project taking place there.”Old windmill and it has the sun and the sky. It just says a better community, save the world. A better world, a better community.”Maine Central Institute senior Joanna Lira went through three drafts before submitting the final and winning logo.”It engaged all the items that we rated the projects on. The energy behind the drawing, how it related to the wind turbine project, the amount of effort that was put into it and it spoke to us of community.”Lira’s logo was one of twenty-seven entries the town had to choose from.Town Manager Kathryn Ruth says the children and teenagers of Pittfield have an important role in the turbine project.”We felt that having involvement of the students is key to the success of all our projects.”The town received a $50,000 renewable resource fund grant from Efficiency Maine.One of the major reasons they received the grant was because they incorporated the green initiative into education programs.”The children are as we know the success of the future and their involvement in recycling we found they’re the best in the town, in the state.”Lira’s logo will be displayed on all publicity and publications about the turbine project.It will also be on a sign at the location of the windmill.Lira says she’s thrilled to be able to contribute something that will stay in the town of Pittsfield for years to come.”It’s pretty exciting because I’m leaving Pittsfield so that’s staying behind.”