Topless Coffee Shop Serving Again 

Route three in Vassalboro was lit by flames last week after someone set fire to the Grandview Topless Coffee Shop.It was a much different scene Monday morning.”We’re under a tent, but we’re still here, everybody’s safe so, it’s just material so we’ll rebuild again and get going”coffee, doughnuts and donations were on the menu monday. Owner donald crabtree had his employees standing near the road next to the rubble that once was the coffee shop. The coffee and donuts were free. They just want a donation to help with the rebuilding process. Krista macintyre/waitress “this is kind of the beginning yes, just showing that we’re not quitting” crabtree says he’s gotten support from around the country since the june third fire, and less than a week later, he’s at that same site continuing on. That impresses some of the folks who stopped by.”It’s great that he can have such a good attitude. I hope people support him and help him” “we’re going to do whatever we can to keep going. The customers have asked us to keep going that’s what we decided to do.”Even some of those who opposed crabtree and his topless coffee shop and plans for a strip club, seem to be changing their attitudes since flames brought the building down.”They didn’t agree with the business, but they didn’t like what happened. We just want to get rebuilt and keep going”