Second Set of Cianbro Modules Ready to Leave Brewer 

A second set of modules will be sent out from Cianbro’s Brewer Manufacturing Facility this week.The first set left Brewer about six weeks ago.They’re being shipped on a 354-foot barge to Port Arthur, Texas, where they’ll be part of a 7-billion-dollar oil refinery expansion.The second set of modules will be loaded Monday in Brewer.The facility’s general manager says it’s a reminder of what a success story the entire project has been for Cianbro, the city of Brewer and the state.<"certainly opening up the Penobscot to commerce again...after the paper mill closed...500 jobs here now..bring good jobs to the area.">This trip to Texas will be a little different, according to Cianbro officials.Instead of stopping overnight in Searsport to re-rig, as they did last time, the crews will power right through to Port Arthur.