Transportation Needed for Bangor Man’s Dream Trip 

A Bangor man with muscular dystrophy will get to live out his lifelong dream this summer…to see the Yankees play a game at home in New York.Volunteers have worked for more than a year to arrange Jeff McIntyre’s trip…but now, they need help with one crucial aspect of it…transportation.Amy Erickson has more.<41-year-old Jeff McInytre is a serious Yankees fan."i've liked them my entire life."McIntyre could hardly believe his ears when he got the call that he'd been given tickets to a Red Sox-Yankees game at Yankees Stadium in August.Burke Soileau of Sebec made it happen after hearing about McIntyre's lifelong dream of attending a game.Soileau got the official word from a Yankees official this week."he said 'on behalf of George Steinbrenner and the yankees, 7 complimentary tickets for Jeff's family, Jeff and his two attendants."Kelley McTague of Alpha One has known McIntyre for years...she and Soileau have spent more than a year putting the trip together."jeff has outlived any doctor's expectations with his diagnosis, so this is a big treat for him to be able to do this. He is a die-hard fan and we're really excited for him.""i'm really happy.""Why do you want to see a red sox yankees matchup? Because of the rivalry."Since McIntyre's story went public, the donations for the trip have poured in from around Maine...and the country."it's amazing the generosity of the people. I've received donations from Florida,'s amazing the support we've gotten."But one thing's still missing."we cannot find transportation for Jeff's needs. Most of the transportation we've been able to find that's accessible for him and his family, the insurances won't allow us to go out of state."A small bus with a lift would be ideal."jeff's wheelchair is very big. He's ventilator-dependent, so his ventilator's very long...he also needs to have two attendants with him."McTague is crossing her fingers that someone can help with this last piece of the puzzle in making McIntyre's baseball dreams come true.Amy Erickson, WABI TV5 News, Bangor.>If you think you can help with transportation, call Kelley McTague at Alpha One in Bangor.That number is(800)300-6016.