The Arts Come Alive At A Guilford School 

”Arts Alive is a day devoted to hands on art activities for kids. So it’s a day all about the kids.”Students at Guilford Primary School had plenty of activities to choose from.From building bat houses to pounding away on the drums.It’s an event that’s been taking place for more than twenty years, and one that is popular with the children.”It’s their favorite day of the year.”Third grader Alexandra Huff danced away in one of the rooms, but she says it’s not as easy as it looks.”But it is hard when you get in the fast mode.”While Alexandra enjoyed dancing, she says her favorite activity is sculpture beads.”It’s really really fun and you get to do it really quickly so it goes on and on and you get to make a lot of beads in an hour.”Third grader Nathan Easland didn’t want to dance, but he sure did hula hoop.”I just practice and practice. And so if you practice you’ll get much better.”The sculpture class was a hit for third grader Bryce Gilbert.He made a wizard and says it was a challenge.”Pretty difficult because you have to mold all the clay and work it and it’s hard to squoosh it.”Coordinator Margaret Templet-Drummond says the day is always a success.”It’s just a super day for everyone.”