Local 1837 Demonstrates in Fairfield 

Central Maine Power and its largest union continue to discuss what’s fair compensation for workers.Today, members of the IBEW Local 1837 demonstrated in Fairfield.Last month, CMP proposed what they say is a fair offer. Union members say they voted down the plan for two reasons: a reduction in retiree health care benefits, and the elimination of a defined benefit pension for future employees.Dale Blethen, chief steward of the Local 1837 says they are thinking of going on strike.”We do this every morning and every night,” Blethen says, of demonstrating. “It’s important because every one of us planned to retire when we hired on with CMP. We thought we were going to get a good medical retirement plan, it’s something they look forward to getting.”He says CMP’s most recent contract offer reflects corporate greed.Central Maine Power released a statement today, saying the company’s challenge is to balance what it can offer employees, with what customers can afford.