Information Error 

A technical error last week at a state office meant hundreds of people’s Social Security numbers were mistakenly sent out in the mail.600 people received letters containing the name and Social Security number of someone else.The letters were sent to advise people about unemployment compensation benefits. Dick Thompson, the state’s information chief, says the security breach happened after a malfunction when the letters were being printed.When they restarted the printers after a glitch, they were one page off — and no one caught the mistake.People then received letters with half of their information, and half with someone else’s.Thompson says there’s no excuse for their mistake. They’ve sent letters to those affected, and have spoken to their print operators about the problem.”We’re also looking at and have changed some of our quality assurance and what happens when a print run is interrupted,” Thompson says. “And, we want to take the Social Security number off the document in the first place and end that problem.”The printing office where the error occurred runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, printing 9 million images a month.So far, no one has reported any foul play with the Social Security numbers. Thompson says since they know who received what information, they don’t expect any issues, but they have advised folks about credit monitoring services.