Bone Marrow Drive to Help Winterport Man 

People gathered in Hampden Friday night in hopes of saving a man’s life.William Whittlesey has a form of cancer called multiple myeloma. He’s on a heavy dose of chemotherapy but his only hope of going into remission is a bone marrow transplant.A bone marrow drive was held at the Hampden Public Safety Building. Whittlesey was there to thank everyone who showed up to get tested. “There’s a lot that they’ve got to go through to be tested to do this for me, so I really appreciate the effort and that they’re doing for me, and it’s gonna help me, but it’s also gonna help a lot of other people.”All those tested will be placed on a transplant registry.An account has been created at Maine Savings Federal Credit Union in Hampden. Donations will go towards the cost of Whittlesey’s treatment and finding a donor. Donations can be made in care of William Whittlesey: The Stem Cell account.