Dover-Foxcroft Resident Installs Windmill 

You’ve either seen or heard about giant pieces of windmills coming through town for big projects in Maine.A home in Dover Foxcroft is getting in on the act with a large addition to its backyard.As Meghan Hayward reports.”Seeing some of them go up and the big ones go up, I said this is going to be the coming thing and I decided if I got a chance, I was going to try it.”When the opportunity to install a private windmill came about, Dover Foxcroft resident Greg Dyer jumped on board.Dyer paid 14-thousand dollars for the windmill, but after several federal reimbursements the project qualified for, he’ll only be paying about 6-thousand dollars out of his pocket.”I’m in hopes within five years that I’ll have this paid off and that thing stills running.”He points out his wife was a little skeptical, but he expects it to grow on her.Dyer thinks he’s setting an example for his community.”I think you’re going to have a lot of people stop in. I’ve heard a lot of people in town talking about it already.”Burdins Renewable Energy Sales Manager David Nguyen helped get this project started.”So what we did is we actually came out and did a free site evaluation took a look at the property made sure it met all the guidelines.”Nguyen says this particular windmill fits perfect in a home setting like the dyers.”It’s actually designed to be silent as the breeze in the trees, its designed to be very silent. It’s designed to be in every backyard in America.”A backyard that dyer says is ready for the windmill.