MDI Students Build Boats With Hinckley Yachts 

Students at Mount Desert Island High School are tackling a unique project these days.They’re trying their hands at building a boat…with the help of some pros from one of the biggest names in the business.Amy Erickson has the story.<"It looks pretty good for what we've done. A few mishaps but it came out good."Will Dickey is pretty proud of what he and his classmates have been able to accomplish this semester.They've helped build this fourteen foot skiff, with the help of teacher George Deans and the folks from Hinckley Yachts.The company began a partnership with MDI High School last fall."They wanted to give us the opportunity to have these kids experience state of the art technology and the quality of craftsmanship it is known for."Each day, 11 students in the class work with Hinckley yacht carpenter Barry Buchanan, who teaches them the art of boatbuilding."It's nice to be able to have these people come in who are there and do this everyday and the kids see what can be done.""They keep asking, why is it taking so long? Cause there's a lot of handwork involved and it's the same with our boats at the Hinckley Company. That's why they are what they are."Deans says besides carpentry skills, the students are also learning life lessons. Patience is a big one."Sanding is not the most glamorous thing to do but it has to be done. There are exciting things to do like working with the power equipment, but that's not all the time either."Dickey says he had no idea just how much work goes into crafting a Hinckley boat.20:02:52 "I thought it was quite amazing. When we went over on a field trip for the first time, I was overwhelmed."Buchanan's hoping these students will carry the knowledge they've gotten from him into their adult lives."It's also a lot of fun to work with the students and to see them start to develop life skills they can take with them.""Putting it all together and having it all function as a unit, that's what I'm seeing them tie this together and it's just a nice life experience."Amy Erickson, WABI TV5 News, Mount Desert Island.>