Married 72 Years Ago, Today 

Seventy-two years and counting. That’s how long Agnes and Almon Brown have been married.Family and friends gathered at the Phillips-Strickland House Wednesday.”It’s been wonderful. He’s been such a nice husband. He does an awful lot for me,” says Agnes Brown.The Browns are better known as “Dee” and “Brownie.””When we were younger we used to go dancing a lot — quite a lot,” she says.Today, they celebrate 72 years of marriage. “I proposed to him,” Dee says.They met growing up in the same town. “Stetson, the big town of Stetson. We went to school together. I’ve known him all my life, practically,” she says.They married in their early twenties and adopted their son Brian when he was six days old.”They’re the most wonderful people in the world,” Brian says. “I couldn’t ask for a better set of parents.”Now in their nineties, there are grandkids and great-grandkids, all happy to celebrate… “For nanny and poppa’s anniversary. That means it’s a big party,” says 5-year-old Mayako Brown.They’re also learning the lessons of love.”It means we can be together for a very long time,” Mayako says.”A lot of love,” says Brian. “All the time I was home, growing up, I never so much as ever heard a cross word from either one of them to the other. They’re just very good people.””He’s so thoughtful and always trying to make me happy, doing things to make me happy,” Dee says of her husband.Their advice to young couples — be nice to each other.”And try a little harder to stay married, I guess,” Dee says.Brian and his wife are going on 32 years, hoping one day they’ll also see anniversary number 72.”We’ve been pretty nice to each other,” Dee says, and laughs.