Roadcheck 2009 

You’ll notice a lot of big rigs pulling over at weigh stations along the interstate in the coming days.Maine State Police are taking part in Roadcheck 2009.It’s part of an international effort in Canada, the U-S and Mexico to crack down on vehicle and driver violations.Truck drivers are making an extra pit stop at this Old Town Weigh station.State police inspectors are stationed at six other spots across the state, checking to make sure the trucks and the drivers are meeting all requirements.Sgt. Jan Reynolds says, “We’re looking for vehicle defects, we’re also looking for driver violations, such as log books, medical cards, hours of service.”The same kind of inspections will be happening across the country, Mexico and Canada until Thursday as part of Roadcheck 2009.”It’s all about safety, it’s about keeping the roads safe, making sure the trucks are save and making sure the drivers are safe.”Inspectors undergo five weeks of training, then check the trucks from top to bottom.Any vehicle weighing over 10-thousand pounds is fair game.And when a problem is found, the truck needs to stay put or be hauled away until repairs are made.Last year more than a hundred big rigs were placed out of service, along with 72 drivers.And if they ignore the order, someone’s going to jail.”we call it jumping an out of service order and that’s probably one of the most serious violations there is.”Inspectors are also traveling the back roads, and checking the trucks there. They’re also looking for trucks that exceed weight limits.