Hearing On Plum Creek Development 

The large Plum Creek Development Project for the Moosehead region was the topic of yet another hearing by the land use regulation commission today.What’s taking place today in Bangor is expected to be the final deliberations on the project. With a final vote on the plan expected July first.While the project was already approved in September by LURC.The new issues are being called the final obstacle for Plum Creek Timber Company and their four-year pursuit to build a massive development in the Moosehead region.In a news conference held by The Natural Resources Council and The Maine Audubon Society before the deliberations. Audubon Executive Director Ted Coffman discussed recent changes that the groups believe should require LURC to reject Plum Creek’s proposal.Coffman says Maine Audubon feels the scale of this project is too large at this stage of development and in the wrong location.Coffman says even if the plan does get approved, Maine Audubon won’t be done.”So if this plan does get approved we’re going to continue to have discussions about how it’s implemented and we certainly want to monitor how it’s implemented. As we will want to monitor how Plum Creek’s forest operations are taking place and the standards their living up to or not.”Some of the major flaws they see with the current proposal are the changes in the economy and issues with the resort at Lily Bay where they say no resort should be allowed.Plum Creek has revised its plan three times already.We contacted the company for a response. Plum Creek didn’t return our call.